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Be Seen.



Therapeutic Portraiture® is a process I have developed so that you can truly feel seen.

It starts through a special guided meditation, we tap into your unique visual language to collaboratively create an "internal" portrait.  Maybe there is an emotion or situation in your life that keeps coming back again, without resolve; perhaps you want to celebrate reaching a milestone in your personal development; maybe you simply need to validate whatever heartplace you're in at this moment in time, bringing it into existence so it can be acknowledged and transcended. The possibilities for creative catharsis are limitless.

After co-designing the image, we move to the photoshoot to bring the vision to life. Utilizing my vast experience in the technical and creative aspects of photography, I attend to any and all logistics so that you are free to focus on the therapeutic aspects of the shoot. Once the shoot is complete, I will present you with images to proof or approve. The final piece is attributed to both of us and is yours to title.

Therapeutic Portraiture® can meet you in any state of being, no matter what you're experiencing or feeling*: 

  • Chronic anxiety & Depression**
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Self-identity & DID
  • Postpartum Depression**
  • Addiction & Codependency
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Well-being & Contentment
  • Joy & Hopefulness
  • Gratitude & Trust
  • Family Issues
  • Self Worth & Body Image
  • Confusion
  • All the Feelings!

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and this service is in no way meant to replace the services provided by therapists or psychologists. I highly recommend utilizing Therapeutic Portraiture®as an expressive outlet in conjunction with other important services such as therapy, support groups, or life coaching. For access to a network of sliding scale counseling, visit Open Path Psychotherapy Collective .

** If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States: 1-800-273-8255. Alternately you can text HOME to 741-741 to chat via text message instead of talking on the phone. Additional resources here , here, and here.




We are all on a journey in this life and I believe we are here to help one another along.

 I have been supporting individuals with this process for three years now—beginning with myself, as I visually encapsulated emotions that I had been unable to express through any other means. The process I was using for my own emotional exploration and development was so transformative that I felt called to share it in the service of others. I had often felt that my capacity as an empath—profoundly feeling the emotions of others—was a weakness of character, but the moment I realized my rich knowledge of emotions could actually be my greatest strength, I was overcome with gratitude and a clarity of purpose—a purpose rooted in service.

I believe this work has the potential to impact individuals and communities that are historically underserved; so as a means to serve these individuals, I have built into the price of every Therapeutic Portraiture® session, a second session provided on a sliding scale basis, down to $0, if necessary. Know that if you work with me, you will be helping others. I am also seeking grants and accepting donations to bring this service to those who cannot afford it but would deeply benefit from this process.

This work is important, more so now than ever. 

As this world is rapidly shifting and rearranging itself, so many people are feeling a new connection to their innermost self, sensing the profundity of their connection to others; more still are seeing for the first time the incongruity between how they have been living their life and the changes that need to happen internally and externally for the world to transform into a place where everyone can live a purpose-filled and meaningful life.


Therapeutic Portraiture
See the results of this process here.

I look forward to sharing a part of your journey with you!

If you are interested in working together, or if you are interested in being on a waitlist for a sliding scale session, please fill out the form below. 



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